Common Configurations with Terragrunt

Terragrunt supports multiple included files, which is a great way to have common configurations with module definitions and default values included in any child configurations. Here is a short explanation...

Polkit Package Update Disrupts Docker Bridge Networking on CentOS 7

Simple polkit pacakage update disrupts Docker bridge networking, so Docker service restart is required to bring the networking back.

Lenovo ThinkPad P1 Gen3 Review (with Linux)

I’ve used Linux for many years on servers, but still kept macOS as my main working environment for almost ten years now. A few months ago, I gave up on...

Detect Terragrunt Infrastructure Drift With Driftctl

Driftctl is a tool that helps detect infrastructure drift by comparing Terraform state with live resources. Here is how to use it with Terragrunt.

On-Call: Leave It Better Than You Found It

During on-call, SREs handle all incidents, react to alerts, and respond to developer requests. They solve any issues that occur 24/7 throughout the infrastructure. In the past two years, I’ve...