Working From Home: Building Custom Standing Desk

During the pandemic, I got a standing desk from my work office. The plain white desk reminded me of the place where it came from: my office. It needed some...

Storing Terraform State in Consul

HashiCorp products integrate seamlessly with each other, so storing Terraform state in a Consul cluster is very easy.

Static Comments for Jekyll with GitHub Pages

Staticman is an open source static comment solution for your Jekyll site

Function Over Form: Mounting External SSD On MacBook

Here is an awesome MacGyver solution for expanding MacBook storage. Mounting external SSD on the back of a laptop with self adhesive velcro tape.

Cache Consul DNS TTL With Dnsmasq

While testing Consul DNS caching, I have noticed that Dnsmasq does not cache Consul responses. If you are also using Dnsmasq to forward DNS queries to Consul, you may run...